Conjoinix’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

About Conjoinix FUP

Conjoinix’s Fair Usage Policy is designed to enable us to continue to provide the best of internet experience to all our customers. Conjoinix's FUP is designed well inline with the TRAI's Quality of Service of Broadband Service Regulations and is updated strictly in accordance with the same.

What is Conjoinix's FUP ?

Under the policy we have defined fair usage levels for unlimited data transfer plans. The usage levels set are very generous such that most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy. On reaching the fair usage level, you shall be intimated through a Web Page, a SMS, or an Email that you have reached your plan's FUP limit and your speed would be restricted to 512Kbps for the rest of the monthly billing cycle. Please note that the speeds would be upgraded to the normal speeds at the start of the next billing cycle.

To view the plan wise usage levels set, please visit the tariff section of our website : www.broadband.instaxs.net/plans.php
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