1 What is InstaXS Broadband Service?
2 What is the difference between InstaXS Broadband home and InstaXS Broadband business?
3 How do I get the connection?
4 What is download/upload?
5 How long does it take to install ?
6 What is an IP address?
7 What type of IP addresses are possible ?
8 Why would one need a static IP address?
9 Can I change from one Broadband data rate to another?
10 What happens if I shift my premises?
11 How do I choose the speed/tariff plan that's right for me?
12 How do I pay for Broadband from InstaXS?
13 Can the helpdesk help solve problems with my own computer/ hardware?
14 Can I have more than one broadband connection, for redundancy/up time?
15 Do I need any extra equipment when upgrading to a faster speed package?
16 I want to connect more than one computer to my Broadband line to share my internet connection. How do I do this?
17 What all can I do with 1 GB(Giga Byte) download?
18 What is a firewall, should I have one?
19 What is NAT (Network Address Translation/Translator)?
20 Where can I get help about InstaXS Broadband service?
21 How about Broadband Plans and Pricing?
22 What are the conditions for getting a free modem or changing the type of free modem?

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